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Package Latest Version Doc Dev License linux-64noarch Summary
asn1crypto 0.24.0 MIT X Python ASN.1 library with a focus on performance and a pythonic API
backports 1.0 BSD X A package to ensure the `backports` namespace is available.
backports.functools_lru_cache 1.5 doc dev MIT X Backport of functools.lru_cache from Python 3.3 as published at ActiveState.
backports_abc 0.5 PSF X A backport of recent additions to the `collections.abc` module.
basemap 1.2.0 MIT X Plot on map projections using matplotlib
biggus 0.15.0 LGPL-3.0 X Virtual large arrays and lazy evaluation.
blas 1.1 BSD X
boost-cpp 1.67.0 Boost-1.0 X Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries.
bzip2 1.0.6 doc bzip2 X high-quality data compressor
ca-certificates 2018.8.24 ISC X Certificates for use with other packages.
cairo 1.14.12 LGPL X Cairo is a 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices.
cartopy 0.16.0 GNU X A library providing cartographic tools for python.
cdat_info 8.0 dev CCLRC X Climate Data Analysis Tools
cdms2 3.0.1 dev CCLRC X Community Data Management System
cdtime 3.0 dev CCLRC X Climate calendar manipulation tools
certifi 2018.8.24 doc dev ISC X Python package for providing Mozilla's CA Bundle.
cf_units 2.0.1 LGPL-3.0 X Units of measure as required by the Climate and Forecast (CF) metadata...
cffi 1.11.5 doc MIT X Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code.
cftime 1.0.1 doc dev MIT X Time-handling functionality from netcdf4-python
chardet 3.0.4 doc dev LGPL2 X Universal character encoding detector
clapack 3.2.1 dev BSD X LAPACK provides routines for solving systems of equations
cmor 3.3.3 2-Clause X “Climate Model Output Rewriter” is a C library, with Fortran 90 and...
configparser 3.5.0 MIT X This library brings the updated configparser from Python 3.5 to Python 2.6-3.5
cryptography 2.3.1 doc dev Apache X Provides cryptographic recipes and primitives to Python developers
cryptography-vectors 2.3.1 doc dev Apache X Test vectors for the cryptography package.
curl 7.61.1 doc dev MIT/X X tool and library for transferring data with URL syntax
cycler 0.10.0 BSD X Composable style cycles.
dateutil 2.7.3 doc dev BSD X Extensions to the standard Python datetime module.
dbus 1.13.0 doc dev GPL2 X Simple message bus system for applications to talk to one another
distarray 2.12.2 dev BSD X Big Array partitionned in sub arrays
ecmwf_grib 1.27.0 Apache-2.0 X The ECMWF API for encoding and decoding WMO FM-92 GRIB edition 1 and...
enum34 1.1.6 BSD X Python 3.4 Enum backported to 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 2.7, 2.6, 2.5, and 2.4
esmf 7.1.0r University X The Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF) is software for building and...
esmpy 7.1.0r The X ESMPy is a Python interface to the Earth System Modeling Framework...
expat 2.2.5 MIT X Expat XML parser library in C
filelock 3.0.4 Public X A platform independent file lock.
fontconfig 2.13.1 doc dev MIT X A library for configuring and customizing font access
freetype 2.9.1 doc dev GPL-2.0 X A Free, High-Quality, and Portable Font Engine
freexl 1.0.5 LGPL-2.1 X Extract valid data from within an Excel
funcsigs 1.0.2 Apache X Python function signatures from PEP362 for Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.2+.
functools32 PSF X Backport of the functools module from Python 3.2.3 for use on 2.7 and PyPy.
future 0.16.0 doc dev MIT X Clean single-source support for Python 3 and 2
futures 3.2.0 doc dev PSF X Backport of the concurrent.futures package from Python 3.2
g2clib 1.6.0 Public X C decoder/encoder routines for GRIB edition 2.
geos 3.6.2 doc dev LGPLv2.1 X Geometry Engine - Open Source.
geotiff 1.4.2 MIT X TIFF based interchange format for georeferenced raster imagery
gettext GPL-2.0 X Internationalization package
giflib 5.1.4 MIT X Library for reading and writing gif images
glib 2.55.0 LGPL-2.1 X Provides core application building blocks for libraries and...
gsl 2.2.1 GPL-3.0 X GNU Scientific Library
gst-plugins-base 1.12.5 doc GPL-2.0 X GStreamer Base Plug-ins
gstreamer 1.12.5 doc dev LGPL X Library for constructing graphs of media-handling components
hdf4 4.2.13 BSD-3-Clause X Library and multi-object file format for storing and managing data...
hdf5 1.10.3 HDF5 X HDF5 is a data model, library, and file format for storing and managing data
hdfeos2 2.20 Public X Earth Observing System HDF
hdfeos5 5.1.16 Public X Earth Observing System HDF.
icu 58.2 MIT X International Components for Unicode.
idna 2.7 BSD X Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA).
intel-openmp 2019.0 doc proprietary X Math library for Intel and compatible processors
ipaddress 1.0.22 PSF X IPv4/IPv6 manipulation library
iris 1.13.0 GPL3 X Analyse and visualise meteorological and oceanographic data sets.
iris-grib 0.12.0 LGPL-3.0 X Iris GRIB interface.
isodate 0.6.0 dev BSD X An ISO 8601 date/time/duration parser and formatter.
jasper 1.900.1 JasPer X A reference implementation of the codec specified in the JPEG-2000...
jinja2 2.10 doc dev 3-Clause X An easy to use stand-alone template engine written in pure python.
jpeg 9c IJG X read/write jpeg COM, EXIF, IPTC medata
json-c 0.12.1 MIT X A JSON implementation in C
kealib 1.4.9 MIT X The KEA format provides an implementation of the GDAL specification...
kiwisolver 1.0.1 BSD X A fast implementation of the Cassowary constraint solver
krb5 1.16.1 MIT X A network authentication protocol.
lapack 3.6.1 BSD X Linear Algebra PACKage
libcdms 3.0.1 dev 2-Clause X Climate Data Management System library
libcf 1.0.1 dev UCAR/UNIDATA X LibCF library access data files in accordance with the CF Conventions.
libcurl 7.61.1 doc dev MIT/X X tool and library for transferring data with URL syntax
libdap4 3.19.1 GNU X A C++ SDK which contains an implementation of both DAP2 and DAP4
libdrs 3.0.1 dev CCLRC X Data Retrieval and Storage DRS software C library
libdrs_f 3.0.1 dev CCLRC X Data Retrieval and Storage DRS software Fortran library
libedit 3.1.20170329 NetBSD X Command line editor library provides generic line editing, history, and...
libffi 3.2.1 doc dev Custom X A Portable Foreign Function Interface Library.
libgcc 7.2.0 GNU X Shared libraries for the GNU Compiler Collection
libgcc-ng 7.2.0 GPL X The GCC low-level runtime library
libgdal 2.2.4 X The Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL)
libgfortran 3.0.0 GPL3 X
libgfortran-ng 7.2.0 GPL X The GNU Fortran Runtime Library
libiconv 1.15 GPL X Provides iconv for systems which don't have one (or that cannot...
libkml 1.3.0 BSD X Reference implementation of OGC KML 2.2
libmo_unpack 3.1.2 BSD X Met Office PP/FieldsFile compression schemes.
libnetcdf 4.6.1 MIT X Libraries and data formats that support array-oriented scientific data
libopenblas 0.2.20 doc dev BSD X An Optimized BLAS library
libpng 1.6.35 doc dev zlib/libpng X PNG reference library
libpq 10.5 X The postgres runtime libraries and utilities (not the server itself)
libspatialite 4.3.0a LGPL-2.1 X Extend the SQLite core to support fully fledged Spatial SQL capabilities.
libssh2 1.8.0 dev BSD X the SSH library
libstdcxx-ng 7.2.0 GPL3 X The GNU C++ Runtime Library
libtiff 4.0.9 HPND X Support for the Tag Image File Format (TIFF).
libuuid 2.32.1 BSD-3-Clause X Portable uuid C library
libxcb 1.13 MIT X This is the C-language Binding (XCB) package to the X Window System protocol
libxml2 2.9.8 doc dev MIT X The XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome
libxslt 1.1.32 doc MIT X The XSLT C library developed for the GNOME project
lxml 4.2.5 doc dev BSD X Pythonic binding for the C libraries libxml2 and libxslt.
markupsafe 1.0 dev BSD-3-Clause X A Python module that implements the jinja2.Markup string
matplotlib-base 3.0.0 doc dev PSF-based X Publication quality figures in Python
mkl 2019.0 doc proprietary X Math library for Intel and compatible processors
mkl_fft 1.0.6 BSD X NumPy-based implementation of Fast Fourier Transform using Intel (R)...
mkl_random 1.0.1 BSD X Intel (R) MKL-powered package for sampling from common probability...
mo_pack 0.2.0 LGPL-3.0 X Python wrapper to libmo_unpack
mock 2.0.0 BSD X
mpi 1.0 BSD X Metapackage to select the MPI variant. Use conda's pinning...
mpich 3.2.1 doc dev MPICH X A high performance widely portable implementation of the MPI standard.
mysql-python 1.2.5 GPL X
nc-time-axis 1.1.0 BSD X Provides support for non-gregorian datetimes in matplotlib based on the...
ncl 6.5.0 NCL X NCAR Command Language
ncurses 6.1 Free X Library for text-based user interfaces
netcdf-fortran 4.4.4 http://www.unid X Unidata NetCDF Fortran Library
netcdf4 1.4.1 doc dev OSI X Provides an object-oriented python interface to the netCDF version 4 library.
nose 1.3.7 doc dev LGPL-2.1 X Nose extends unittest to make testing easier
numpy 1.15.2 doc dev BSD X Array processing for numbers, strings, records, and objects.
numpy-base 1.15.0 X
olefile 0.46 dev BSD X Python package to parse, read and write Microsoft OLE2 files...
openblas 0.3.3 BSD X An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2 1.13 BSD version.
openjpeg 2.3.0 BSD X An open-source JPEG 2000 codec written in C
openssl 1.0.2p doc dev OpenSSL X OpenSSL is an open-source implementation of the SSL and TLS protocols
ossuuid 1.6.2 dev GPL X Universally Unique Identifier
owslib 0.17.0 BSD-3-Clause X OGC Web Service utility library
pbr 4.2.0 doc dev Apache X Python Build Reasonableness
pcre 8.41 BSD X Regular expression pattern matching using the same syntax and semantics...
pendulum 2.0.3 doc dev MIT X Python datetimes made easy
pep8 1.7.1 doc dev MIT X Python style guide checker
pillow 5.3.0 PIL X Pillow is the friendly PIL fork by Alex Clark and Contributors
pip 18.1 doc dev MIT X PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages
pixman 0.34.0 dev MIT X A low-level software library for pixel manipulation.
poppler 0.67.0 GPLv2 X The Poppler PDF manipulation library.
poppler-data 0.4.9 Adobe+GPLv2 X Encoding data for the Poppler PDF manipulation library.
postgresql 10.5 X PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system.
proj4 4.9.3 MIT X Cartographic projection software
pthread-stubs 0.4 MIT X Stubs missing from libc for standard pthread functions
pycparser 2.19 dev BSD X Complete C99 parser in pure Python
pyepsg 0.3.2 LGPL-3.0 X Easy access to the EPSG database via http://epsg.io/
pygeoif 0.7 LGPL-2.1 X A basic implementation of the __geo_interface__
pyke 1.1.1 MIT X Python Knowledge Engine and Automatic Python Program Generator.
pyopenssl 18.0.0 doc dev Apache X Python wrapper module around the OpenSSL library
pyparsing 2.2.2 doc dev MIT X Create and execute simple grammars
pyproj OSI X Python interface to PROJ.4 library
pyqt 5.6.0 doc dev Commercial, X Python binding of the cross-platform GUI toolkit Qt.
pyshp 1.2.12 MIT X Pure Python read/write support for ESRI Shapefile format.
pysocks 1.6.8 doc dev BSD X A Python SOCKS client module. See https://github.com/Anorov/PySocks for...
python 3.6.6 doc dev PSF X General purpose programming language
pytz 2018.5 doc dev MIT X World timezone definitions, modern and historical.
pytzdata 2018.5 MIT X Official timezone database for Python
qt 5.6.2 doc dev LGPL-3.0 X Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework.
readline 7.0 GPL-3.0 X library for editing command lines as they are typed in
regex 2017.07.28 Python-2.0 X Alternative regular expression module, to replace re.
requests 2.19.1 Apache X Python HTTP for Humans
scipy 1.1.0 doc dev BSD X Scientific Library for Python
setuptools 40.4.3 doc dev MIT X Download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages
shapely 1.6.4 BSD X Python package for manipulation and analysis of geometric objects in...
singledispatch MIT X This library brings functools.singledispatch from Python 3.4 to Python 2.6-3.3.
sip 4.18.1 doc dev GPL-3.0 X Create Python bindings for C and C++ libraries
six 1.11.0 doc dev MIT X Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities
sqlite 3.25.2 doc dev Public-Domain X Implements a self-contained, zero-configuration, SQL database engine
stratify 0.1 BSD X Vectorized interpolators that are especially useful for Nd vertical...
subprocess32 3.5.2 PSF X A backport of the subprocess module from Python 3.2/3.3 for use on 2.x.
tabulate 0.8.2 dev MIT X Pretty-print tabular data in Python, a library and a command-line utility.
tk 8.6.8 Tcl/Tk X A dynamic programming language with GUI support. Bundles Tcl and Tk.
tornado 5.1.1 doc dev Apache X A Python web framework and asynchronous networking library, originally...
typing 3.6.6 PSF X Type Hints for Python - backport for Python<3.5
tzlocal 1.5.1 dev MIT X tzinfo object for the local timezone
udunits2 UCAR X The UDUNITS package supports units of physical quantities.
urllib3 1.23 doc dev MIT X HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post, and more.
wheel 0.32.1 MIT X A built-package format for Python.
xerces-c 3.2.0 Apache X Xerces-C++ is a validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++
xorg-imake 1.0.7 MIT X The X.org incarnation of the X11 IMake utility.
xorg-kbproto 1.0.7 MIT X X.org keyboard-related C prototypes.
xorg-libice 1.0.9 MIT X The X.org Inter-Client Exchange library.
xorg-libsm 1.2.3 MIT X The X.org core session management library.
xorg-libx11 1.6.6 MIT X The main client library for X Windows version 11.
xorg-libxau 1.0.8 MIT X A simple X Windows authentication protocol.
xorg-libxaw 1.0.13 MIT X The X.org X11 Athena widgets library.
xorg-libxdmcp 1.1.2 MIT X The X-windows display manager client protocol library.
xorg-libxext 1.3.3 MIT X The X.org extensions library.
xorg-libxmu 1.1.2 MIT X The X.org X11 miscellaneous utility library.
xorg-libxpm 3.5.12 MIT X The X.org X11 pixmap library.
xorg-libxrender 0.9.10 MIT X The X.org X11 direct rendering library.
xorg-libxt 1.1.5 MIT X The X.org X11 toolkit intrinsics library.
xorg-makedepend 1.0.5 MIT X The X.org incarnation of the X11 makedepend utility.
xorg-renderproto 0.11.1 MIT X C prototypes for the XRender extension to X11.
xorg-xextproto 7.3.0 MIT X X.org extension C prototype files.
xorg-xproto 7.0.31 MIT X Core X Windows C prototypes.
xz 5.2.4 doc dev LGPL-2.1 X Data compression software with high compression ratio
zlib 1.2.11 doc dev zlib X Massively spiffy yet delicately unobtrusive compression library
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